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The new exacqvision g- series micro nvr is exacqvision nvr manual a cost- effective video recording solution designed for customers who want to leverage the enhanced accessibility and reliability of cloud video storage with low upfront costs. Exacqvision g- series micro nvr feature highlights: low cost gateway to the cloud exacqvision nvr manual supports exacqvision cloud drive storage. Exacqvision virtual appliance user manual www. 310163 usa ( exacqvision nvr manual corporate headquarters) europe/ middle east/ asia 1 of 45. Exacqvision pro vms ( video management system) software comes pre- installed on all exacqvision a- series hybrid servers and ip servers, the enterprise- level z- series hybrid and ip servers, and is available on the el- exacqvision nvr manual s/ el- sr hybrid and el- series ip embedd ed. Hybrid nvr servers - exacqvision exacqvision nvr manual el- s 8 or 16 analog exacqvision nvr manual inputs and up to 24 ip inputs 240 ips at d1 exacqvision nvr manual resolution up to 2tb storage features exacqvision el- s rackmount hybrid nvr servers & exacqvision vms software cross platform ip video surveillance software and systems 08- 10. Instalación y configuración básica presentacion espanol podemos ayudar con exacqvision nvr manual tu proyecto en latinoamerica o direccionarte con uno de exacqvision nvr manual nuestros distribuidores,.

The exacqvision web browser/ thin client and the free exacq mobile client for mobile devices. About this task to configure the exacqvision client, complete the following steps: procedure start the exacqvision client application. Click the exacqvision nvr manual exacqvision nvr manual config ( setup) page icon. From the navigation tree, select add systems.

In the add systems window, click new, and enter the ip address exacqvision nvr manual or hostname of the exacqvision server. Retrieve video and other server data from exacqvision servers. The exacqvision nvr manual web service connects to the exacqvision exacqvision nvr manual server in a similar way to the desktop client, and provides additional connections for web and mobile devices. Note: do exacqvision nvr manual not install the web service on exacqvision el series systems. The exacqvision web service. Exacqvision 2u rackmount nvr server quick start guide 11955 exit 5 pkwy building 3 fishers, inusa + 1. Com ip video surveillance solutions www. Com 1 connections connect the cables based on the diagram below.

Exacqvision ip camera pdf manual download. The exacqvision nvr software features a full- featured network video surveillance package that operates on any windows. By incorporating exacqvision into the c• cure 9000 security and event management system, you can quickly trigger alarm events or camera actions, and perform ptz controls all from the same intuitive interface. Exacqvision software is based on a client/ server architecture in which every computer is a client, server, or client/ server combination. These configurations are defined as follows: a client computer provides access to a remote service exacqvision nvr manual on another computer over a exacqvision client software is a thick client, and the web browser is a thin client. Exacq solutions are extremely flexible, and can scale to meet the surveillance requirements of banks, exacqvision nvr manual schools, retailers, exacqvision nvr manual homes, transportation systems, construction sites, and many more.

Although we no longer offer exacq products, we provide the industry’ s leading vms & nvr solutions from milestone systems. Nvr user manual for further help, please visit www. Introduction this product series is a 4 channel embedded nvr with pentaplex functionality. Add dahua camera to exacqvision via onvif description.

These instructions will guide a user through setting up a dahua camera via onvif with exacqvision professional version 8. Functional network; exacqvision professional version 8.

111542_ x64 installed on windows pc; the exacqvision windows pc on the network. Exacqvision recorders provide reliable high performance hardware with exacqvision surveillance video management software. Models are available to record up to 192 total analog and ip cameras exacqvision nvr manual with up to 120 tb of storage including the lc- series, exacqvision nvr manual elp- series, a- series and z- series. Antivirus programs can only scan the operating system and exacqvision software drives. To avoid decreasing the drive performance, disable virus scanning on all video storage drives. If you enable automatic updating, your server stops recording when the operating system restarts. Mac address the exacqvision license is based on the mac address.

Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your exacq technologies nvr server router. You will need to know then when you get a new router, or when you reset your router. Cctv net wholesale distributor of cctv exacqvision nvr manual surveillance equipment including security cameras, ip exacqvision nvr manual network cameras, dvr, network video recorders, vms, access control systems at low prices, distributor of security systems from avtech, exacq, arecont vision, vivotek, luxriot, and more. Security systems distributors.

Download exacqvision product brochures, spec sheets, integration guides and user manuals including translated versions for many languages. Ev 8ip nvr 48t 2uz win10. Ev 8ip nvr 48t 2uz win10, tyco international, exacqvision nvr manual ltd adi, exacq. About this task to connect cameras to the system, complete the following steps: procedure connect the analog cameras, ptz serial cables, or alarm i/ o. For more information, see connections. Exacq m series low cost nvr tested by: ethan ace, published on with exacqvision nvr manual recent cyber security issues exacqvision nvr manual hitting nvrs and cameras from low cost leaders dahua and hikvision, users are increasingly seeking alternatives to this low priced gear. Exacqvision 4u rackmount hybrid nvr server quick start guide. 87th street suite 115 indianapolis, inusa exacqvision nvr manual + 1.

Installed on exacqvision exacqvision nvr manual elx series systems. ( do not install it on exacqvision nvr manual exacqvision el series systems. ) the exacqvision web service works with browsers exacqvision nvr manual as shown in the following diagram: the exacqvision web service is normally run as an integrated system on an exacqvision server. Alternatively, a. Exacqvision client software is a thick client, and the web browser is a thin client. A server computer provides services to client computers over the tcp/ ip network. An exacqvision server receives and exacqvision nvr manual exacqvision nvr manual stores video from cameras; provides audio, video, and data as requested by thick clients; and hosts exacqvision nvr manual a web server ( if enabled) for thin clients. Includes 4 or 8 exacqvision start licenses ( upgradeable to pro or enterprise) • up to exacqvision nvr manual 2tb of video storage for up to 8 ip cameras • unlimited scalability by adding more recorders ( pro or enterprise) • camera power management • monitor and control camera power usage in exacqvision nvr manual exacqvision client, no separate switch management software required. Exacqvision web server quick start guide 11955 exit 5 pkwy building 3 fishers, inusa + 1.

Com 1 basic installation the exacqvision web server works with browsers as shown below. Exacqvision ip camera www. Com this document is supplemental to the quick start guide and exacqvision nvr manual software user manual software user manual shipped with your system. Both documents can be downloaded at this document describes exacqvision nvr manual the camera configuration exacqvision nvr manual software provided by major ip camera manufacturers for use prior to configuring exacqvision nvr manual your exacqvision. Exacqvision ip08- 128t- r4z- e. Rackmount 4u recorder with 8 ip licenses ( 128 max), dual gb nic, hdmi, dvi- i, displayport ( 2 max. Simultaneous), rs- 232/ 485 serial port, raid 6, exacqvision nvr manual win10 on 120 gb ssd, redundant power supplies, keyboard and mouse, exacqvision enterprise client and server software pre- installed, 3 year warranty and software updates. This section details manual remediation steps that provide exacqvision nvr manual greater security for exacqvision server, when installed on desktop platforms including windows 7 or newer, ubuntu 10. 04 or newer, s- series, and m- series. Remediate nvr or s- series server exacqvision nvr manual service for 9. 8 or older we recommend exacqvision nvr manual that you upgrade to 19.

03 or newer, to maintain all software. The latest version of the exacqvision user manual has been released and is available on our exacqvision nvr manual downloads page. Dated aug, this latest version incorporates all of the features through version 2. 6 of exacqvision ip video surveillance software, plus there are expanded sections and additional illustrations. The exacqvision nvr systems by default are setup to record in cif resolution if a video signal is the exacqvision nvr systems by default are exacqvision nvr manual setup to record in exacqvision nvr manual cif exacqvision nvr manual resolution exacqvision nvr manual if a video signal is the exacqvision nvr systems by default are setup to exacqvision nvr manual record in cif resolution if a video signal is detected. To add an exacqvision server for esm to monitor, complete exacqvision nvr manual the following steps: note: an exacqvision server must have a valid and exacqvision nvr manual current enterprise license to be monitored exacqvision nvr manual by esm.

You can find an exacqvision system’ s license information by opening its system page on the config ( setup) page. For more detailed instructions, see the user setup section of the exacqvision user manual or the context sensitive online help file. Exacqvision 4u nvr quick start guide 4- 08. Install the exacqvision client exacqvision nvr manual on another computer and ensure that it can connect to the exacqvision server using the static ip address and one of the configured user accounts. Search page ( see chapter 6) search* connect after 24 hours. Connect after 7 days.

Set max length ( max length of exacqvision messages), default value = 500. After setting the configuration, please remember to manually synchronize the davantis unit and the exacqvision server machine to the same time and date. Configure davantis platform 3. Cms configuration image 8. Davantis unit configuration screen 12.

This video describes the process of adding ip cameras to an exacqvision system. The ip cameras page allows you to add ip cameras and devices to the system and configure their settings. Exacq m series value prices all- in- on nvr servers: for demanding applications with up to 8 cameras per server. Built in poe switch.

We are very pleased to offer the exacqvision lineup of software and hardware nvr systems. We can help guide you through the selection process. Give us a call ator email us for assistance. Web service configuration.

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